Your voice guides our mission

When it comes to a for-profit business, some would say a company is what it sells. The nature of the product defines the culture, the business’s interactions with customers and how it spreads its message. At HCTC we also provide products and services. However, we strive to define our culture by our desire to serve our members with best-in-class value and customer service.

The day-to-day realities of the many job roles and policies needed to make that product possible can shape how a business operates, how consumers view it and even how employees view themselves. For HCTC, there’s no doubt about our products or the expertise needed to make them possible. Simply put, we know rural communications better than anyone. Our roots are in telephone networks. After all, not that long ago, copper wires strung from pole to pole throughout our area were our primary ties to the world. Fortunately, we’ve moved well past those days, and we’re now far more than a telephone company.

Today, we’re a true communications hub using fast internet service to link you to the information you need. Our systems keep pace with the latest innovations to create the best experience for you. Now, telephone services are only a single part of that product mix — one component of the complex, powerful and reliable infrastructure we’ve created to link our community to all the resources now at our fingertips. Streaming television and music. Telemedicine and online learning. Movies and social media. These are all modern necessities, and we make it possible for you to connect to them. Our technical experts have the skills to maintain and support the latest systems. We train our staff to not only anticipate the questions you may have about your services, but also to have the knowledge to provide clear answers. At a very basic level, the services we provide do define HCTC — at least in part.

You see, we’re more than simply a communications company. We are also part of a national community of organizations responsible for bringing services to areas larger national companies would not serve. Unlike businesses that put profit or stock values above all else, cooperatives proudly go a different direction. We are member-owned — yes, you own a part of this company — and we put your needs and the needs of the communities we serve first. Does that mean we’re not worried about income? Of course not. We’re vigilant stewards of the cooperative’s finances. In a world of escalating costs and ever-changing technology, that’s no small task. As a cooperative, though, we’re also governed by you through a board of directors elected by you. Other communications companies can’t say the same, particularly the large national providers. We are part of the community, devoted to making life here better for everyone. In fact, that’s a central principle of every cooperative — concern for the community.

We support local organizations and businesses through donations, scholarships and more. The members of our team live here, shop here and enjoy our rural way of life just as you do. Together we’ve created HCTC, and we couldn’t be prouder to serve you, our friends, our family, our neighbors and our cooperative members. Thank you.

– Craig Cook, CEO