Telephone Network - HCTC

Deregulation brought many changes in the telecommunication industry, making it important to define where the “interface” or “demarcation point” between telephone company and customer lies, and what portions of the service are each party’s responsibility. The Network Interface Device (NID), the small box mounted on your home or business, is an easily-noted physical interface point for connections from the company-owned telephone network to provide dial tone and other services to that location. The local telephone company, in this case HCTC, installs the Network Interface Device (NID) on your premise and will maintain service to this point. You, the customer, are responsible for installing your telephone equipment and connecting the telephone wires inside your home or business to the Network Interface Device (NID). If you do not wish to install your own equipment or lines, you may contract with the local telephone company or with an independent communications contractor to install the equipment for you.