HCTC - Manage Your Network With HCTC Command IQ

Why Use The HCTC Command IQ App?

It's a Simple Way to Manage Your Network
View and manage all your devices from one app - it's easy! The main dashboard is organized by people, places and things, allowing you to connect all devices and tailor the wi-fi experience for the people in your home. HCTC Command IQ gives you control at your fingertips!
You Control Content and Screen Time
HCTC Command IQ makes it simple to manage the content, screen time and online safety for the users and devices in your home network. View usage and history, set downtimes and create content filtering, all from the convenience of your phone.
It Keeps Your Network Secure
Simply put, HCTC Command IQ offers internet security. It works quietly in the background and proactively keeps malicious websites, viruses and intrusion away from your home 24/7.